This Month In Our Gallery

11/18/2014 18:18

The Gallery at The Arts Club is didicated to exhibiting the work of image makers that are making a mark in the visual arts.  The works of Photographers and Designers decorate the walls of our gallery. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the works on exhibit please contact our staff for information on price and delivery.   This month we are featuring the work of local photographers who are exploring the world around us and sharing their unique perspectives through their images.  Stay tuned ro this page for more information about upcoming exhibits. 

This month you can see the work of the following artis.

Mike Gaudaur 

A hand crafted blending of Old World patina and modern photographic imagery. These Masterworks are truly unique pieces.

Debra Smit

For me, photography is about capturing the heart and soul of God and His love for us, which is demonstrated by the beautiful world He has given us to enjoy and take care of. It is also about giving voice to all creation that longs to be seen and heard. As a shy kid and a bit of a loner, I loved the outdoors, spending time exploring the woods, going for walks or taking my dad’s binoculars to go bird watching.  It was after seeing two white tailed deer, bounding through the woods one day that a dream was birthed in my spirit. I heard my heart whisper,  “I want to be a wildlife photographer.”  Fear, insecurity and never believing that this dream was even possible, buried the dream deep inside me . . . and I went on to work and live in the inner city of Winnipeg, working with children and adults living with disabilities. But at a seasonal winter job in Churchill, Manitoba for the polar bear season, I met Robert Taylor, a wildlife photographer.  I was captivated by his adventurous life and the amazing photos he took. So I bought an SLR and started taking pictures of people and nature. I took a few introductory classes to get to know my camera better, but that was as far as it went until I found a letter which I had written to a friend 20 years ago (but never sent) where I had stated, “I should go back to school for photography or learn how to fly.”  The dream reawakened and the journey to pursue photography more seriously continued. I’ve taken a number of road trips across this  beautiful country, to the east, the west and the north, specifically to the Yukon.  Now most of my pictures have to do with nature,  wildlife, abstract objects and photographing old cars and barns.  I spent the past winter in Hawaii in Photography School at the University of the Nations and was really challenged to use photography as a way to help those with no voice have a voice.   On an outreach team to Germany recently, our team interviewed and photographed a community still living under the past effects of communism and made a book to show them the beauty of who they were and were they lived.  Through my photography I want to help inspire hope in people: to look around them and appreciate the beauty in their own lives as well as the world. I want to help people tell their stories through words as well as through my lens.